About Us

After being in the antiques trade for over 36 years, one would think that I would  lose my drive and fascination for the business, but with my hand on my heart, I  can honestly say, "I love it more now than when I started!"  Why do I love it so?  Well in a word: "decorative," with of course "antique" not far behind. i love the freedom of being able to see an object or piece of furniture as "decorative"

When I started in the trade over a life time ago it was just antiques and that's  what I cut my teeth on.  Luckily 15 years ago I discovered " Decorative" and I  have never been happier in the antique trade since. Now with the added bonus of my wife Resho joining the company, we both strive to find fabulous decorative antiques.

Our aim is to inspire and satisfy our clients needs with objects and furniture  from the 18th through to the 20th centuries and all at an affordable price.

So please take time to browse through our web site at your leisure.  We feel assured that you will like what you see and want to add us to your favorites.  We are always adding exciting new objects to our collection and we will be updating our site regularly so you will want to keep an eye on KorePurchase Antiques and Interior Design! 

Andrew & Resho